HPGCC Windows Installer Tutorial :


First, download a fresh setup.exe file from HPGCC mirror.

Then, lunch the installer by double-clicking it. You need to have administrator privileges to run the setup program. In case you have an error message, try again as administrator.

Then you should have

Where you choose either English/French/German language for the setup.

Next is a presentation screen:

Click Next, then, select the installation directory:


Click Next again, then select which components you want to install:


The full installation provides the source code of hpgcc libraries, and can be useful for developers. Click Next:

Next again:

And wait for the installation processd to end:


The final screen asks you which final operation to perform:


For convenience, we recommend to automatically add the PATH with the installer, just click Finish.

The final message is


Which means the PATH has been modified.

Finally, the readme file.



Now, you are set for the first compiling.  You should have the following icon on your desktop, double-click it.



You will open the text editor :


To compile your first program, go to File/Open Project(s) and select a project file in c:\Program Files\arm-hp\examples/hiworld/hiworld.pnproj:

When opening it, you should have this blank screen:


Close the <New> text windows, double-click on the right panel, on hiworld.c and expand the window:


To compile the source, go to the Tools Menu, then select “Make this .hp”. The Output window should show you these messages:

The line “elf2hp …” means everything was right.

Now, open an explorer and select the .hp file:

Finally, send it to your calculator with either the HP software connectivity kit, or an SD card.


To run it on your calculator, you need the ARMToolBox which is given in the respective directory:


Install it by sending the SETUP.BIN file to your HP49g+. To select the port number for the installation of the library on your calculator, put the port number as a real number on the stack (for example 1:            2.0) , then lunch SETUP.BIN.

When the installation is done, reset your calculator to attach the library (ON+C, turn off/on).


To finally run your hiworld program, place the corresponding ARM string on the stack, select the PrRUN command from the ARMToolBox and see what happens …