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Development tools for the HP49G+.

The HP49G+ is a really powerfull calculator that brings a lot of new programming concepts to what is usually called a 'RPN' calculator. There are different ways of programming it:

User RPL:

Not really interesting since you can check on the web (try google with "HP49 RPL manual").

System RPL& Saturn assembly langage:

This was the first really langage that people used to create powerfull software for the HP48/49.The HP49 has a built-in development library that can be used to compile fast applications(256/257). Simply do"256 ATTACH" and "256 MENU" to see it.
You can either use the HP Tools (Get Here) to work on your PC or use the extable/emacs development environment from Carsten Dominik.

Compiled langage for Saturn CPU:

Pascal and C have been ported to the HP48/49 calcs, but it didn't spread widely since it was hard to use and not a lot of manuals/example have been released.

ARM langages:

Here is the interesting thing. Go there.